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time...the greatest gift


"I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie back in 2018 when he first stared fundraising for Cancer Research Wales. He has since become such a valued friend. A man with incredible energy, and a real passion to make a difference. He will go out of his way to help others - a true leader. It's always a pleasure to be in his company. Be more like Jamie, and you won't be far away from whatever you're chasing."

Dale Evans, Events Manager, Cancer Research Wales

As an ambassador for Cancer Research Wales, Jamie has been part of a fundraising team that have collectively donated over £125k towards the fantastic work that Cancer Research Wales achieve. From breaking a Guiness Book of World Records by participating in the largest linked marathon in Tenby, to trekking in Iceland, nothing phases Jamie. 


Although the current pandemic situation has delayed further fundraising events for now, Jamie is already signed up to climb Mount Kilimanjaros when permitted.

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Jamie is also proud to be a Board member for the Strategic Masters Degree Course at Cranfield University. Sharing the wide depth of knowledge and skills he has developed over the years, Jamie sits with the Board twice a year to help steer the course along with fellow industry board members and senior academics. 

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