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"The Journey is the Destination"

Blue Sky Equity was founded in early 2017 by Welsh entrepreneur and business man, Jamie Watkins.

Jamie Watkins
Founder & Owner

A passionate individual who set up, developed & sold his first three businesses in engineering, software and the energy markets, Jamie founded Blue Sky Equity following the sale of his energy management company, Rumm to NPower.


One of the largest energy deals in Europe at the time, the sale afforded Jamie the opportunity to create a new way to share his many years of sales, marketing, technology, innovations, systems & process, commercialisation and business delivery knowledge with companies and individuals looking to find new ways to achieve. 

Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength, with Jamie, who is proud to have been included in a who's who of Britain's Business Elite, at the helm.


Blue Sky Equity has invested and supported a wide range of businesses with music, mud and meditation forming the basis for its portfolio. Equally as important to Jamie is giving back and he is proud to be an Ambassador for Cancer Research Wales and sit on the Advisory Board at Cranfield University. 

Jamie is also proud to have contributed a chapter to the best-selling book, 'Purposeful People', featuring the knowledge, wisdom and innovation of 20 motivated and prominent business leaders from around the world. The book, which was released earlier this year, reached the number one position on Amazon, with proceeds from the sales being donated to four major charities, including Samten. 

Since his first role as a process control engineer, studying six years part time whilst working in industry to get to degree level, followed by a full time Masters in Computers where he setup his first business, SysComm Services Ltd, Jamie's approach to business has remained consistent. Get in, do the job, do it well and get it done.

"Be consistent at being consistent is one of my key mantras," he explains. “Get your mind right in order to get your life right, trust and love the process, remember that every day is a school day and equally, every day make sure you show up. If you follow these then the path to success will be clearly revealed."



From humble beginnings in the South Wales Valleys to the multi-million sale of his energy company, Jamie's story wasn't always clear. But everyone has a blue sky dream in them somewhere, even if the first steps on the ladder happen later than others.

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